In any redevelopment project, the developer partners with the society by signing a development Agreement. Entering into such development agreement only to authorize us to develop the property. The developer carries out the process of redevelopment through a Power of Attorney given by the society to the developer.

Our endeavour is to ensure that the residents of any society are educated on the process of a redevelopment initiative. The following stages, define this process.
Stage 1 – Decision & Evaluation
Once the society residents decide to redevelop the building or complex, a Society General Body Meeting is called upon to obtain consent from all the society members. A docket * is created which once ready, the committee then approaches developers of their choice for evaluation of the proposal and then makes an appropriate offer for the redevelopment.
*(list of documents; refer to the ‘Documents’ section)
Stage 2 – Feasibility Report
Once the docket is studied by the developer(s), they prepare a feasibility report, which includes the dynamics of property and the permissions and sanctions that can be procured. The developer verifies whether a society has a clear and marketable title and the ownership is free of any litigation. During this process, society can appoint a consultant if required as per the redevelopment rule.
Stage 3 - Offer, Terms & Conditions
Once the developer prepared the feasibility report, they get into a stage of discussions with the committee. On the basis of the discussions, the two parties arrive at a consensus on the terms and conditions. The developer then prepares and submits a final written offer to the committee.
Stage 4 – Design
Subsequent to the decision on the areas available and those required by the society member / residents, the developer commences the design process of the redevelopment. During this process, the society members are expected to submit certain necessary documents. (Refer the ‘Documents’ section)
Stage 5 - Design Presentation and Selection
This is the stage where the committee is presented with layouts and plans by the developer and its architect. The Architect prepares layouts, taking into consideration the expectations and suggestion of flat holders. Once the layout of the building and the units to be allotted there in are finalized, the lawyers of the developer and the committee together finalize the draft of the binding redevelopment agreement.
Stage 6 – Agreement
As soon as the agreement is signed, the Architect proceeds with the process of procuring sanction from the municipal corporation for the layout that is finalized. As a parallel process the developer assists the society member / residents for sourcing rental accommodation during the period of the construction.
Stage 7 - Work begins
This is the stage where the developer starts the work on the promise to confirm a new home for the members. The developer generally allows tenure of 30 to 45 days for vacating the property so that they can commence with the process of demolition. Subsequent to that as tradition follows, a “Bhoomi Pujan” is organized on an auspicious day.

Zone 'A'
We do not get TDR's in these areas. Redevelopment is only possible if there is an Old Mansion (Wada) or if balance FSI is available. Areas like – Sadashiv Peth, Narayan Peth, Kasba Peth and comprising all Peths.
Zone 'B'
Few areas like – Prabhat road, Salisbury Park, Koregaon Park, Model colony and part of Parvati area included in this zone.
Zone 'C'
Comparatively developed areas of Pune like- Kothrud, Aundh, Warje, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar, etc. are ncluded in this zone.
Zone 'D'
This includes the new developing area around Pune.

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