Because, a newer Pune deserves everything new!
Mumbai is definitely not what it was lived as, a few years ago. Be it the transportation, the infrastructure, the entertainment quotients, the schools, the colleges, the hang-outs and others. No doubt, all of this has translated into a much improved version of the past; there is still something that goes amiss.

Mumbai being a prime location for business and services, the population herein is booming by the day. This has eventually resulted in shortage of accommodation and parallely need for additional homes. It would be an irrational move to build newer buildings in an already crunched-for-space city. The only way to deal with this dire requirement by keeping the open space of Mumbai alive is Redevelopment.

Hence, we at Darode-Jog sensed the need of the hour and have ventured into renovating existing housing societies/apartments and offer the residents affordable and excellent quality houses.

The process of replacing older building structures with new & contemporary designs is called Redevelopment. This approach is a very systematic one that in no way alters the lifestyle of an individual or family. In fact it improves the current standard of living by creating multi-storied infrastructures, comprising of modern day facilities & advanced specifications.

With the on-going propagation of redevelopment all over, the Government has also begun encouraging participation from all authentic sides.

It has been our steady effort to keep the memories you build around your homes intact and yet offer you modernized, sophisticated and advanced quality homes in return. Having been able to deliver the promises we made to most residents, we can assure you, your dreams and memories are safe in our hands.

Aniha Nevare, Chairman, Anupam
"I was very doubtful about handing over our building for redevelopment. But, Darode-Jog has done a brilliant job and given us heartfelt smiles"

We were living in absolute distress for a few years now. With so many negative rumours about redevelopment spreading like fire, we were not sure if we were ready to give our society for redevelopment. But, we knew we had to.

Darode-Jog came our way and convinced us. And today, here we are, in the same location, better facilities, better quality, better technology and living convenience to its best.

We extend our gratitude to Darode-Jog for their efforts and dedication.

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