What are the basic documents needed for feasibility report?
Ans: Copy of sanction plan, property card, area statement of existing members  and conveyance deed are the basic documents required for feasibility report
If we do not have a property card?
Ans: You can approach to City Survey Office, Shukrawar Peth, Pune
If we do not have a sanctioned plan/ misplaced it?
Ans:  You can approach Pune Municipal Corporation - Pune.
If there is a difference between demarcation area and on property card?
Ans:  You can approach the City Survey Officer and apply for the correction.
Our building is in A zone/ gaothan/ congested area, what does that mean?
Ans: A Zone area means congested area, gaothan e.g. Sadashiv Peth, Narayan Peth etc. TDR is not available in this zone but Redevelopment is possible only if there is balance FSI or in case of old wadas (as per current norms but TDR is not available in this zone).
If our previous building is not in urban limits/city limits, is redevelopment possible?
Ans: As per the current norms, redevelopment is not possible.
If at all our old flat agreement is lost/ misplaced?
Ans: You an approach the respective registration office and can apply for copy of flat agreement.
If we have only one blue print of old sanction plan but which is not readable, what should we do?
Ans: You can approach PMC and get copy of your plan as per the procedure and charges.
If we have an apartment and till date we haven’t conducted a single meeting?
Ans: As per law, you should arrange periodical meetings. If not so, start it now.
If the flat owner dies and if the flat is not transferred on the name of his heir, what should be the procedure?
Ans: Follow the legal procedure and ask the society to transfer the flat to nominee and also contact your legal advisor.
If the Share certificate is misplaced /unable to find?
Ans: You need to prepare an affidavit by yourself and apply to the society for a duplicate share certificate as per their procedure and charges.
In case if we are functioning a commercial activity in an original area of a residential flat, and not as per Development control rules (DCR) of PMC, can we functioning a commercial activity instead of the original one which is not ?
Ans: No, the developer has to follow the original sanction plan.
If few of our members have loan on their flats/ a mortgage?
Ans: They have to take NOC from Banks before execution of the Development Agreement. Developer or Society can help them assist legal documents.
If we have spent on our new furniture/interiors of flat?
Ans: You may use it in your new flat later on.
If one of our members is a defaulter for society dues and if we have court matter for it?
Ans: As far as redevelopment is concerned, it is solely a society concern but should be solved quickly. Developer can help you by giving guidelines.
If we have the consent from majority members for redevelopment, but some members are not willing to go for it?
Ans:  The matter can be resolved as per co-operative department norms.

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