Because, a newer Pune deserves everything new!
Construction standards, excellent service and virtues are the characteristics we at Darode-Jog thrive on. And today, we are known all over for transparency, professionalism, ethics & better understanding of our customers’ needs. The journey to an ultimate dream began in 1983. Two civil engineers from Government Polytechnic, Pune, Sudhir Darode & Anand Jog gave rise to 'Darode-Jog & Associates', which is now known as ‘Darode-Jog Builders Ltd.’

Their passion to build homes gave them the strength to create innovative structures and induce buyers to own and live in properties build by us.

The testimony to our work and dedication are the many certifications and awards conferred upon us.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for Quality Management System Standards maintained by the company for design, construction & sales of residential & commercial properties.
  • ISO 14000 certification for Environmental Management.
  • Honoured with 'The Best Quality Construction' from The Architects', Engineers' and Surveyors' Association for the ‘Blossom Boulevard’ project at Koregaon Park.

S. V. Jategaonkar
"Grand-children will visit us more often with this new offering!"

Our society, Jay Ganga is now 26 years old. With so many problems, discomforts and inconveniences we've become absolutely helpless. While our children are staying abroad, who will solve these problems for us was a major question!

Darode-Jog Properties extended a helping hand, and in the coming times we will stay at the same location of our choice with many better facilities, quality and conveniences.

Our good wishes and gratitude to this customer-centric initiative.
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