Because, a newer Pune deserves everything new!
Pune is not the city it used to be a few years ago. The present Pune is a more modernized yet civilized version of the yesteryears. And so, over the years, the population of Pune has flourished to the maximum. This has eventually resulted in shortage of accommodation for all. Amidst shortage of space, it is unreasonable to build newer projects and consume open space. It makes the environment intimidating and claustrophobic. Hence, we at Darode-Jog sensed the immediate need to renovate existing housing societies/apartments and offer the residents affordable and excellent quality houses.

The process of replacing older building structures with new & contemporary designs is called Redevelopment. This approach is a very systematic one that in no way alters the lifestyle of an individual or family. In fact it improves the current standard of living by creating multi-storied infrastructures, comprising of modern day facilities & advanced specifications.

With the on-going propagation of redevelopment all over, the Government has also begun encouraging participation from all authentic sides.

S. V. Jategaonkar
"Grand-children will visit us more often with this new offering!"

Our society, Jay Ganga is now 26 years old. With so many problems, discomforts and inconveniences we've become absolutely helpless. While our children are staying abroad, who will solve these problems for us was a major question!

Darode-Jog Properties extended a helping hand, and in the coming times we will stay at the same location of our choice with many better facilities, quality and conveniences.

Our good wishes and gratitude to this customer-centric initiative.

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