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Darode-Jog supports The Chess Marathon
A mega Chess competition held annually with hundreds of players locking horns over chess boards is a shot in the arm for the popularity of the game. Darode Jog staunchly stood behind one such edition of the event.

Buddhibal Jallosh, a unique chess tournament where a thousand players simultaneously play the mind twisting game is annually held with great verve by the Buddhibal Prasarak Mandal. Floated by national referee Makarand Velankar, the organization aims at popularizing the game across all cross sections. As a standard X student, Makarand first ushered in the practice of playing it publicly at his society’s sports day. A process of “churning the milk for the cream of players to alight at the top”, he explained as the reason behind starting the effort on a mass scale. Makarand’s aim was also to create a passion for the sport among common citizens.

Among the industrial groups and business houses, Darode Jog is one of the names behind the event. With a strong conviction that the game helps develop mental faculties like memory power, self confidence, patience and concentration, the promotion of the game on such a mega platform is a commendable act. With a lack of funding, these activities cannot take shape and Daorde Jog’s contribution in the event is significant. Proof enough of a construction company with a staunch social commitment.

The events are interesting as hundreds of opponents of varying ages are lined up to face each other. A four year old facing an sixty year old is a bewildering sight. Conducted on huge grounds, the organizers also believe that they are making the game more popular with every edition. It began with 25 participants, then jumped to 300 and eventually touched a 1000 participant mark. Educational institutions are goaded to encourage the game as it imparts better learning skills. Grand masters like Abhijit Kunte, SuryaShekhar Ganguly, Swati Ghate etc are some major players associated with the event. International Super grandmaster Elido Bladimero is also involved. There are huge processions, tree plantation drives and lectures that marked a few events. Bigger challenges where Abhijit Kunte played with 100 people and S S Ganguly faced 600 people are also recorded. A yeomen service to society, the helping hand of business houses like Darode Jog are a blessing in disguise for such events.

Darode-Jog Properties is a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that apart from generating a great customer patronage, giving back through social initiatives is essential to being a good corporate citizen. Our Social Initiative practices are strongly integrated into our culture and business and fall into four key areas: environment and ecology, art and culture, educational enrichment, and society welfare. More »
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